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When to sell players To Earn More FIFA 20 Coins

Although the best time to sell potential TOTW players varies, in general, you See Blow options:

1. You can look to sell players within 30 minutes of their outstanding performance or a second goal, for example. This will ensure you get a quick turnover of profit that can be reinvested elsewhere. Leave it any longer than this time, and you’re probably missing your window of opportunity, and if you try to sell during the evening their price will drop as the hype around their performance or goal, will have died down. By selling quickly, you free up more FIFA 20 coins to reinvest in the player the following morning when the price is likely to drop before the TOTW.

2. Alternatively, if you don't want to go through buying and selling within the hour AND then re-buying in the off-peak hours if you are confident the player will feature in the TOTW, you can wait until the TOTW announcement and then be ready to sell just after 3.00pm (UK time). We’ve also noticed that when the TOTW IF getting released into packs at 6 pm (UK time), the non-in-form prices slightly increase again (although not as much as of 3 pm UK time or directly after the performance). All this information shows that knowing when to sell your players is as important as getting the players at the correct price.

3. Additional tip – beat the market!
If the player is famous and almost guaranteed to feature in the TOTW (they maybe scored a hat-trick and got an assist or a goalkeeper saved two penalties and kept a clean sheet), then U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Teamadvise selling the player just before the TOTW announcement. Many other traders will be looking to offload their investments at just past 3 pm (UK time). This will result in the price falling significantly. By listing early, you will be jumping the market and ensuring that your cards are the cheapest on the market so they sell at a higher price than they would when all the competitors start to list the cards in bulk.

As U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team have mentioned there is a massive performance from a player in a worldwide audience game then the best bet is to try and sell during the game or in the following 15 minutes post-game. If you list after half-time (if this is possible) on a 1-hour auction, you'll hit this window.


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