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Buying and Holding FIFA 20 IF Players

To expand on the explanation above, because this is where we make huge profits and save huge amounts of time that others spend trading. This is an advanced long term FIFA 20 coins method and to understand how to make money with this method, you need to be aware of the price evolution of IF players. We explained this briefly above but these are the three main stages of price evolution of an IF, TOTY or TOTS card.

You should be aware that with the changes EA made, FIFA 20 coins sellers now hoard players to place in accounts, which they then sell on, so this method can have even more value.

1 – In the week they first get released and the player hits the market, the demand is higher than the supply so the price is very high. This is why you very rarely buy IF players within the first week of release (unless you’re desperate to have them in your team and you want to use them in the game).

2 - In the second and third weeks, there are still a lot of Cards for sale, but the people that wanted the player a lot, have probably got it by now, so the price goes down to meet lower demand.

3 – Slowly, after a while (if it’s a good player), the demand stays the same, but as there are no more of cards coming out in packs, the price goes up again because usually the very good IFs always have high demand, but the cards get rarer in the market.

So, to summarise, this price evolution you should be looking, if you’re trying to make a profit on Ifs, to pick them up towards the end of their first week of release and resell them at a higher margin a couple of weeks later. Obviously, you’re not going to get over 15-20% profit for every player but if you have a couple of million that you want to invest, this is a good effortless strategy for you. If you have coins that you’re not investing in players or trading every day, and they’re just sitting in your account not doing anything, you might want to consider investing in a few Ifs to give this method a try.


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