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FIFA 20 Position Attributes Guide for Defenders Centre Backs

Ideally, you want a physically active, athletic CB who is at least 6 feet tall as to be able to compete in the air, deal with set-pieces and can keep pace with the quick strikers that you're likely to face. U4GM FIFA 20 Team should also mention that the roles outlined below are not set in stone, and some players can play in multiple positions.

All Rounder
Most players who individually operate in this role are cheap FIFA 20 Coins players that are likely to play for lower league teams or be low-end gold players on FUT. A player in this mold would likely mean that they may struggle against stronger opposition. Depending on the players' attributes and how he is employed, an all-rounder can also be deployed in other roles as well.
Key attributes - aggression, heading accuracy, interceptions, jumping, marking, reactions, slide tackle, sprint speed, stand tackle, and strength.
Work rates - medium/medium Useful traits: power header.

His job is to stop the play from developing. If your opponent is near your box, this is the player you take control and try the tackles with. It is essential not to get tunnel vision and only control this player because he will get dragged out of position and that will create space in your defense for the opponent to exploit.
Key attributes - slide tackle, stand tackle, and strength.
Other attributes - acceleration, aggression, reactions, and sprint speed.
Work rates – this is dependent on who else is alongside the stopper in your defense. For instance, if you have a team playing in the 4-4-2 formation and your stopper has low/high work rates the ideal work rates for his partner are medium/medium; this will ensure that the stopper will always usually be the first person to confront any onrushing attackers. You want your stopper to be a bit more advanced than your other CB(s) so, having a stopper with a high attacking work rate can sometimes be a good thing.
Useful traits - dives into tackles.

This players main focus is to sweep balls and to cover the space behind your other defenders. The stopper and sweeper complement each other, nicely. You need to ensure that your sweeper is playing a lot deeper than your stopper. This is where you have to take some responsibility for your player's movements, and as the sweeper, your job is to cover the space and force your opponent to play to a direction you want. Many players try to exploit the pace of their strikers by lobbing the ball behind, and it should also be mentioned that you should only be tackled with the sweeper as a last resort. The main attributes that the sweeper needs are interceptions and acceleration because mostly you want him to be directed by the AI; this is a tad risky because the game does not always make the best decisions. In this case, it is essential to have your player switching setting, set to air balls, and get used to using the right stick to switch players as this will help you if you're playing with a sweeper.
Key attributes – interceptions, and acceleration.
Other attributes - aggression, heading accuracy, jumping, marking, reactions, slide tackle, sprint speed, stand tackle, and strength.
Work rates - low/high.
Useful traits - power header.

Ball Playing Defender
This is a role that the best defenders in the world are all capable of. The modern managers and the style of play that is popular are based around possession so defenders are required to be comfortable on the ball. These players are usually full-backs or defensive midfielders who have been converted to center backs. Two great examples of these are Ramos, who was formerly a right-back and Thiago Silva, who was originally a defensive midfielder. Where possible, try to combine the other types of CB we have mentioned with a ball playing role also. This role is useful in both build-up and when having to face very high pressure from your opponent (which a lot of FUT players do). Ball playing defenders are also a perfect thing to have if your build-up is slow and you play a possession-based playing style.
Key attributes - ball control, dribbling, long pass, and short pass.
Useful traits - long passer, long shot taker, the power header, swerve passer.


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